17 January 2021

Borrowed Body Part 2

It's been quite some time since Part 1 came out. If you haven't seen it or would like a refresher before part 2, click Here. Hope you enjoy this second instalment!

Okay, I admit that this is a sudden turn of events. In case you didn't already know, this isn't my usual body. My friend Megan swapped our bodies without asking me and kinda admitted she had feelings for me. After an unexpected sex session, I got a text from her roommate saying their washing machine was probably broken. So I rushed to her place to deal with it, while she was sleeping in my bed and body.

Now that you're caught up, I should explain how I got here... You see, Megan's roommate Katie had called a repair guy and he was taking his sweet time to get here. While we waited, Katie made the point that I'd have to pay the guy.

"What? Why me?" I frowned.

"Come on, Megan. You and I both know what you get up to when you have a laundry session." Katie smirked. "No judgement, but you should think about getting yourself a boyfriend so you don't break the machine again."

At first I thought she was joking, but it was clear that Katie was serious. I blushed and agreed to deal with the repair guy when he finally turned up. As soon as I said that, Katie was gathering up her gym stuff and heading out the door.

So... Curiosity finally got the better of me. I had the place to myself and the repair guy was still doing a job a few blocks away. So I thought I'd see what the problem was with the washing machine. As I pressed start, the machine suddenly jerked forward, before spinning at a normal rate. Every now and then there'd be a scraping sound, but the machine itself kept going.

"It can't hurt to see what the fuss is about..." I told myself, as I jumped onto the machine.

Instantly, I felt the intense vibration of the machine racking through my body. As my ass made contact with the top panel of the machine, the vibrations focused in that area. My head fell backwards in sudden delight as it vibrated against my pussy.

"Oh... Fuck!" I gasped. "Now I get it!"

Distracted by the discovery of this new pass-time, I soon lost track of time. The sensation was a lot more intense then my previous experience in this body, but strangely that didn't equate to more pleasure necessarily. I started undressing, my hands exploring Megan's body. Just as I began to feel close to an end, the door opened.

14 January 2021

Clicked The Link (Caption)

Surprise! This is my first go at a genuine TG Caption, using GIMP. That's right, for a New Year Resolution, I have decided to work on making Captions for the Blog. These will not completely replace my usual format, so don't worry about missing out on my stories. Just something different to vary my work a bit more :)

I hope you enjoy this and expect to see more soon ;)

13 January 2021

Mommy's Boy (Requested By Steve G)

April 17th 2025

Dear Diary,

The Resort is better than I ever could have imagined. I wonder how Mom could afford such a holiday. It looks like we have an entire island to ourselves, which is honestly quite unnerving. I know she has some sort of ulterior motive for this week away. And now there's nowhere for me to hide when the time comes.

"What are you doing, sweetie?" Hannah asked her son, who swiftly slammed his journal closed.

"Nothing, Mom, just unpacking my things..." Steve blushed, tucking his journal beneath his pillow. "This place is incredible!"

"Isn't it?" Hannah smiled. "Why don't you go explore a bit? I need to make sure everything is prepared for us."

It sounded ominous, but Steve didn't have the guts to press further. With an awkward smile, he slipped his sandals on and left the room to explore the rest of the resort. To his relief, there were other guests dotted around the place, along with friendly members of staff that seemed to be experts at keeping a distance until they were needed.

Along one of the various pools of the resort, Steve caught sight of a beautiful woman, her legs soaking in the water as she sat on the edge. What caught his eye was the way the woman was caressing herself. It wasn't outright sexual, but rather explorative. She ran her hands across her smooth legs, before marvelling at her fingers like she'd never seen them before.

When she started touching herself more intimately, Steve grew nervous. He didn't want to be caught perving on the other guests and so left the area, while looking around to make sure no one saw him staring.

"Enjoying the views, my dear boy?" A member of staff asked, gesturing to the horizon. "This place is particularly beautiful during the sunset."

"I'm sure it is..." Steve nodded slowly. "I should get back to my Mom."

"Right you are, sport!" The man smiled. "Enjoy your stay! And enjoy your new perspective!"

Steve politely waved to the man as he headed back to his room. He never really understood the marketing for this place. His Mother showed him a flyer for the resort when she was convincing him to join her on a holiday. 'Enjoy a new perspective' was certainly an odd tagline, but he supposed the views were definitely new perspectives and they were certainly enjoyable.