6 July 2021

Apologies For The Delays (Update)

Hello Everyone!

It's been a while since I've posted anything and I just wanted to say I am still around. I've had a rather unfortunate chain of events that have knocked me off my schedule for regular posting. Essentially, my laptop screen has completely broken and I am in the process of getting my files copied across to a new one. My IRL work has also been piling up during this process and so the blog has had to hibernate for a bit while I catch up.

I'm not entirely sure when I'll be back up and running, but hope to be posting again soon. We've got some interesting projects coming up soon and I look forward to sharing them with you ;)


28 June 2021

The Wrong Ingredient (Caption)

For those wondering, this wasn't actually uploaded on the 28th. Had a mishap with the scheduling (My bad!) Hope this was worth the wait ;)

25 June 2021

Scientific Experimentation

"I'm still not really getting it..." Alex admitted.

The scientist sighed. He had explained the experiment to the couple more than a dozen times. It seemed he had no choice but to dumb it down for them. "It's quite simple, Ms Star! We have temporarily swapped your bodies so that we can better understand the impact it has on the mind..."

"No, I understand that part... It's just... Why am I watching myself exercise?"

Kofi was wondering the same thing. When he signed up for this experiment with his girlfriend, he didn't expect to be put immediately onto a treadmill, especially in a sports bra and thong. He could feel Alex's ass and tits bounce with every step he took, as well as the thong digging deeper between his ass cheeks.

"Well to put it plainly... We are trying to ascertain the impact that body swapping can have on sexual orientation." The scientist explained. "Studies show that straight men and women begin to develop bisexual urges while inhabiting bodies of the opposite sex. And as the neural readings we've already received from this experiment show us, you are no exception!"

Alex opened her mouth to protest, but fell silent. In the entire time they had been speaking, she had been staring at her own ass, practically hypnotised by her own body. Her arousal, while different from what she was used to, was unmistakably there. A tent was forming in her pants, making her uncomfortable and self-conscious.

"Don't worry, Ms Star. It's perfectly natural to experience arousal under these circumstances." The scientist assured.

"Wait! She's hard!?" Kofi snapped his head around to see his own body staring back at him, the clear bulge on full display. "What the fuck, Alex?"

18 June 2021

A Step Too Far

Megan froze in the doorway, shocked to find her body laying on the couch, legs spread, and nearing orgasm. She rushed home as soon as she found herself in her Stepbrother's body, but never expected to see this.

The two of them used to swap bodies all the time when they were kids. It was mostly just fun, but then things started to take a turn when James got her grounded. After that, they started swapping bodies for revenge, one upping one another until they were both old enough to move out and live their separate lives. 

The medallion they used was left forgotten for over five years, until James found it and took over his Stepsister's body once again. Ever since they stopped using the medallion, he had felt like a part of him was incomplete. He missed being her. So finding the medallion, he couldn't help himself, stealing her body for one final experience. And as the orgasm finally came washing over him, he saw his own body step into view with an angry look plastered on the face. 

"Oh hey, Megan. I thought you would have taken longer." He gasped, throwing the vibrator to the side.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing!? We said we were finished!" Megan shouted. "This medallion was supposed to be buried and forgotten!"

She held it up, getting ready to put them back into each other's bodies, when James shocked her with a sudden and surprisingly pleasant kiss. Before she could recover from the shock, he already had the medallion in his hand and was running up the stairs to the bedroom.

"Come back here, asshole!" She shouted, running after him while being oblivious to the tent forming between her legs.