16 April 2021

You've Had Half Of Your Time! (Contest Update)

Hello Everyone!

Usually this day would bring a story/series post, but I want to use it to bring up the April Writing Contest once again. We are just beyond the halfway point of the Month, but there is still plenty of time to get involved. For the more detailed info on the Contest you can click here, but the basic info is as follows...

14 April 2021

Careful What You Wish For (Requested By TtylTtylAlex)

As I recited the spell, I felt the air around me tingle with excited energy. A powerful gust of wind swirled around the room and, when I finally finished casting the spell, it rushed towards me and knocked me backwards onto the floor.

The transformation started out quite painful, though it was worth it. I had always dreamed of being with a lesbian woman. Obviously they wouldn't have much interest in my usual self, which is why I needed to change myself into a woman. The thought of our soft bodies rubbing against one another, her expertise on my new equipment, made the pain bearable.

I writhed and twitched on the floor for a good few minutes, getting small glimpses of my changing body as the transformation continued. The soft skin, the petite frame, the golden yellow locks of hair. All I specified for the gender swap spell was that I'd be attractive and I could already tell that was coming true. Picturing what I would look like had been a huge turn on for me. When I cast the spell I was hard as a rock, which made it all the more obvious when my cock shrank between my legs, leaving a void that longed for attention.

With the changes nearing their end, I found the pain subsiding. My hands started to wander across my body, as I admired myself and watched the final change. My flat chest started to grow out ever so slowly. I could feel a tingling in my nipples, as they grew in sensitivity and hardness.

"Keep growing!" I purred, massaging them and moaning like a bitch in heat, my own voice turning me on all the more.

But sadly, my tits stopped growing almost immediately after they first swelled into being. Judging by my petite frame, it made sense that I wouldn't have huge tits, yet it still seemed like a missed opportunity. No matter. They were still incredible to touch and sure to bring me some fun.

10 April 2021

Polite Reminder (Contest Update)

Hello Everyone,

Just a quick reminder of the April writing contest. There is still plenty of time to get involved. If you haven't seen the original post, you can click here for all the info!

There have been a couple of submissions already and we're off to a good start. However, I have also received a rather upsetting email. I won't go into any specifics or name any names, but I would like to politely remind everyone that this blog is intended as a safe space. We all have our own tastes and opinions.

If the individual who emailed me is reading this, I'd like you to know that your attitude is not welcome on this blog and I hope you find a healthier outlet than to harass fellow writers.

Thank you,