25 December 2020

Christmas Surprise

"Are you ready for your Christmas surprise, baby?" Claire whispered seductively.

"You know it!" Nathan replied with a grin. "Thank you for agreeing to do this."

As Claire wrapped the blindfold around her boyfriend's head, he thought about how lucky he was to have met her. She was perfect in every way, despite the supposed 'bad vibes' she gave his buddy; Chris. She was beautiful, sexy, funny, and everything he wanted. Not to mention, she made him want to be better for her in return.

"Now you wait here while I fetch your present." Claire giggled.

"Don't be long." Nathan smiled.

"Here's something to remember me by while I'm gone." Claire purred, unfastening her bra and throwing it playfully at Nathan.

Nathan smiled. He was already hard as a rock. His only concern was that he'd blow his load too quickly and ruin his chance at a threesome. He had no idea who the third for their threesome would be, but Claire assured him she's be beautiful and, in her words, a total slut.

He had no idea that the woman Claire was referring to was once a man, was once Chris. Claire was sick of Chris' constant attempts to break them up. She saw it for what it was, a loner friend who was insecure about losing his only friend, but that didn't make it any less infuriating.

For what it's worth, Chris was very astute in his observation of Claire. There was something that she was keeping secret from Nathan. She was actually a witch in hiding. Unable to tell anyone of her powers, she opted to try and reason with Chris. But sadly, he wasn't willing to be reasonable at all.

"Don't think I can't see through your lies!" He shouted. "I don't know what you're hiding, but we both know that Nathan deserves better than a bitch like you!"

That was the moment Claire decided to use her magic once more. Chris found himself frozen in place, as the curse took a hold of his body and began morphing him slowly. His height shrank down, his hair grew long and soft, his beer gut dissolved away. It all felt so surreal and yet pleasurable beyond words.

"Now listen here, Christine." Claire whispered. "You're gonna play along whether you want to or not. You won't be able to refuse my commands."

"Please, don't make me do this." Christine begged. "I'm not gay. I don't want anything to do with this."

Claire responded with a slap to Christine's ass, causing her to yelp. Nathan called out, asking if everything was alright. Before Christine could answer, she felt Claire's hands wrap around her and cover her mouth.

"Just a bit of foreplay for our special guest!" Claire replied, before whispering into Christine's ear. "You say you don't want anything to do with this, but you've been very vocal about our relationship. Unless you want to be turned into an actual bitch, you'll join us for this special day."

As she spoke, her hands moved down to Christine's breasts, cupping them and teasing her as she laid down the rules. Christine couldn't say who she really was, nor could she speak unless spoken to. She was to smile and/or look seductive at all times. And finally, she would do whatever Nathan asked of her, or suffer a more severe command from Claire.

"I'd ask you if you got all that, but that's not how this works." Claire teased. "While the curse holds you, you can't help but follow what I've said."

Christine nodded, a smile spreading across her face unwillingly. As it turns out, being turned into a chick wasn't the worst part of the punishment. Her mind was also at the mercy of Claire. As they entered the room, Claire gestured for Christine to sit on the floor in front of Nathan.

"Now then, my dear. Are you ready?" Claire smiled, her fingers gliding across Nathan's chest.

"Ready as I'll ever be." Nathan smiled in response. "Do I have to keep the blindfold on the whole time?"

"Just as we get started, sweetie." Claire laughed. "Christine, why don't you get started down there."

Christine smiled up at Claire, as her hands moved against her will. She was feeling Nathan's hard cock through his jeans. Nathan let out a soft moan in response, which only made Chris feel more disgusted. But Christine continued, gently rubbing his cock through the jeans, before beginning to unbutton and unzip.

"Hey there, Christine. Claire's been rather cryptic with details." Nathan spoke softly. "Do you know each other from work?"

"No. I know her through a mutual friend." Christine responded.

While technically the truth, that was as much as Chris could say without revealing who he was. He hated how girly and seductive his voice sounded. But as his smile faded from his face, he found himself pouting seductively.

Her hand slipped into his jeans and wrapped around his cock, feeling the warmth of it and the soft pulse of blood. It was disturbing enough for Chris, but made even worse knowing that he was the cause for this erection. Nathan had told him about his biggest sex fantasy when they were drinking together, but he never thought he'd end up as the third.

"He's big, isn't he?" Claire asked. "Don't you just love it? Your mouth is watering for it, isn't it?"

Chris was about to say no when he felt his mouth water instantly. He had to swallow before agreeing reluctantly with an equally reluctant smile on his face. Then he looked up at Claire who mimed a blowjob mockingly, before gesturing for her to do it.

Apparently that was enough for the curse to enforce the command. Christine, mouth still watering, pulled out Nathan's cock and with very little delay opened her mouth and lowered down onto it. Nathan let out a satisfied grunt, as Chris was forced to suck his cock.

"He likes being teased, like this." Claire spoke up, moving in and demonstrating for Christine, who began to follow suit.

Nathan was in heaven. He could feel two women playing with his cock. Claire was whispering instructions to Christine that he couldn't quite hear, but Christine seemed so eager for this. She began moaning softly as she sucked his cock, making a show of it as Claire instructed.

"Don't be afraid to play with his balls, Christine." Claire giggled. "And don't be afraid to play with yourself. I know you're getting so turned on right now!"

For a brief second, Christine's eyes went wide, before she returned to her smiling self once more. She moved down towards the base of Nathan's cock and began teasing his balls. As she did so, her hand moved between her legs and met with her now wet pussy.

Christine was exploring her own body, which only added to the arousal that Claire had forced upon her. Her fingers ran across the folds of her pussy, brushing against the clit which made her gasp with sudden pleasure. Her gasps were having a clear effect on Nathan, who was growing restless.

"Can I remove the blindfold now?" He asked, a hint of begging in his voice.

"I think it's time you got to see your present." Claire replied.

The blindfold slowly pulled away, revealing an incredible sight before Nathan. A wide smile spread across his face as he looked down at the two women pleasuring his cock. Claire looked as beautiful as always, but this other woman seemed oddly familiar. He didn't think much of it in the moment, but it stayed in the back of his mind.

As Christine continued to suck Nathan's cock, Claire spoke up. "What do you think of your Christmas surprise?" She giggled. "Isn't Christine amazing?"

"She certainly is." Nathan replied, looking down at the content expression on Christine's face.

Another thought crossed Nathan, somewhat bothering him now. Christine was acting rather subservient, and while her smiley nature and talents were enjoyable, it felt like this was a job for her. Did Claire hire a prostitute for this threesome? And Christine still looked strangely familiar.

"What's wrong, sweetie?" Claire pouted.

"I... No nothing." Nathan shook his head, then addressed Christine. "Have we met before?"

Before Claire could stop her, Christine nodded happily. "Yes, quite a few times." She smiled, before returning to sucking his cock.

Chris was thankful he was able to hint at who he was. The mask was slipping finally and it wouldn't be long before Nathan was looking for answers. But did he really want his friend to know it was him? That he was the one eagerly sucking his cock?

"Really?" Nathan frowned. "I feel like I would have remembered a beauty like you."

It was in that moment that Nathan recognised a look in Christine's eye. The penny finally dropped and he realised why she looked so familiar. She could easily be Chris' Sister, but given the closeness of their names, it was clear what was happening.

"Ch-Chris?" He asked, looking between Christine's eager head bobbing and Claire's sudden alarm expression. "What the fuck did you do, Claire?"

"He's been trying to destroy our relationship from day one!" Claire spat. "So I figured he was jealous."

She proceeded to fabricate a story on the spot that swiftly crushed any hope for Chris. How he confessed his feelings for Nathan, his desires to know what Claire feels. And as she explained more and more, Chris felt himself slipping. He knew the story was bullshit, but with every detail he believed it that little bit more.

"I can't believe this..." Nathan sighed. "Is this true, Chris?"

Chris' head was spinning with two conflicting sides. There was the side of him that knew what Claire was doing, but also the side that loved Nathan deeply. He felt Claire's hand on his shoulder, and the final shred of his old memory lost the battle. He nodded slowly, feeling a sense of relief to finally confess his feelings.

"Christine wanted to join us for out threesome." Claire explained. "But she also wanted more... If you have sex with her, the transformation becomes permanent."

"Wow! Do you really want that, Christine?" Nathan asked.

"More than anything!" Chris blushed. "I love you, Nathan!"

She leaned in and kissed Nathan passionately, their sensual embrace distracting them from Claire, who felt a sudden spout of rage. Even changing him into a woman couldn't stop him from trying to steal Nathan away. As the kiss ended, Claire forced a smile.

"Let's do this then!" She nodded. "Nathan can fuck you, then you can find yourself a man and live your new life."

"But I don't want a man, I want Nathan." Christine replied.

This Christmas was certainly a surprise for all. Nathan discovered his best friend loved him enough to change genders for him, Christine became a whole new person, and Claire learned that when it came down to her and Christine... Nathan chose Christine.

This Story was prepared a few weeks ago and scheduled. If you're reading this, then I probably haven't given an update. So here it is!

I am now going to be enjoying my Christmas break. There's only one more post I plan to make for the New Year, which is my final Requested Story. Hopefully it will be ready before New Years, but if not it'll be the first post of 2021.

Hope you all have a Happy Holidays and I'll see you on the other side :)

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