11 June 2021

Pleasure Curse

"Dude, fuck off!" Luke groaned, batting his friend's hand away.

"What's the big deal? I'd let you touch my tits if I was cursed." Will laughed. "You know that book doesn't have the answers you need, right?"

"It's worth a try." Luke shrugged. "Besides. A curse like this can only last up to twenty-four hours, so spending that time reading is better than-"

"Than having some fun for a change?" Will mocked.

Luke just rolled his eyes and turned his attention back to the book. While it was full of information on various curses, there was nothing on being turned into a woman. He used to study science, before magic became a reality. Now his study books were about potions and enchantments.

"Come on, dude! This is a huge opportunity you're wasting!" Will sighed. "Imagine the advantage you'd have with the ladies if you had some first hand experience as one!"

"Believe me, I have enough experience for my liking." Luke frowned. "Now leave me alone. I'll see you tomorrow, when these tits are gone!"

"Fine. But at least let me have one touch!" Will said, reaching out and making contact with Luke's nipple.

Once again, Luke batted his hand away. But the moment contact was made, he felt a tingle of pleasure that lingered and spread across his entire body. Despite his protests, he couldn't deny it felt good to be touched like that.

"Okay, you've had a touch now... So how about you leave me to my reading?" He sighed.

"That wasn't even a proper touch!" Will protested. "One good feel and I'm gone!"

With a heavy sigh, Luke closed his book and looked to his friend. Will had a wide smile on his face and was completely mesmerised by Luke's chest, which felt strange and not in an entirely bad way either. Luke put his book away and chuckled to himself, which sounded closer to a giggle with his higher voice.

"One good feel." He repeated.

Will's face lit up. He didn't miss a beat, as he quickly moved in close and reached out. His hand met with Luke's breast and sparks started to fly. Luke had to bite down on his lip to stifle the moan that was about to escape his lips.

"This is amazing!" Will smiled. "Your tits are perfect!"

"Mmmhmm..." Luke nodded.

Will's hand continued to squeeze and fondle Luke's chest, all the while Luke tried his hardest to hide his building arousal. He could feel himself getting wet and had the sudden urge to move his hands between his legs, or maybe just guide Will's hand down there instead.

"Okay! You've had your fun!" Luke snapped, shaking his head to try and clear the thoughts flooding his mind. "I'll see you tomorr-oooh my fucking god!"

He clasped his hand over his mouth in shock. Will smirked, continuing to play with his friend's new boobs. Despite his protests, Luke was clearly enjoying himself, so he felt no need to stop just yet. He started getting more adventurous, cupping the base of Luke's tits and bouncing them a little, before moving his focus to the nipples.

"Let's have a look at what that Witch gave you." He smirked, lifting his friend's top.

"S-Seriously, you've had your feel. You don't have to keep... going..." Luke purred, watching as Will's fingers pinched and teased his exposed nipples. "Mmmm fuck... Why does it feel so good?"

"Is it turning you on?" Will teased. "Let me check."

As one hand remained on Luke's chest, the other slipped beneath his shorts and found the wet folds of his sensitive pussy. He ran his fingers over the folds, making contact with the clit, which then made Luke gasp in unexpected pleasure.

"More!" He cried, once again covering him mouth in surprise.

"I guess she was right about the whole pleasure curse thing." Will remarked, pulling his hand away, his fingers glistening with Luke's arousal. "It was more than just a gender change. You're slowly becoming my submissive little slut the more I pleasure you."

"W-what?" Luke gasped. "No, that's not true!"

"Isn't it?" Will smirked. "I don't like the name Luke. From now on, your name is Ellie and you think of yourself as a woman."

Ellie opened her mouth to protest, only to find herself unable to think of herself as Luke anymore. She felt a spark in the back of her mind, as though her new body suddenly felt normal. Why wouldn't she have breasts and a pussy aching for more of Will's touch?

"Now I think I've warmed you up enough. Time to test your skills." Will smiled, pulling out his hardened cock. "Make me feel good."

For a moment, Ellie didn't move. There was still just enough resistance in the back of her mind to make her hesitant. Will did make her feel good, but she also knew he was manipulating her. He moved towards her, his cock mere inches from her face.

"You can always say no." He nodded. "But then I'd just have to slip my fingers inside that wet hole between your legs and you'd be nothing but a cock hungry whore for the rest of your life. If you want your manhood back, you'll show me a good time before I can warp your mind any further."

There was definitely a truth to what he was saying. Ellie was already unable to think of herself as a man. The curse was getting worse the more Will touched her. So if she wanted to keep herself from losing her mind entirely, she should take control.

She started out slowly, licking the head of his cock experimentally. Next, she wrapped her lips briefly around the head and gave it a suck. The taste wasn't unpleasant, much to her surprise and concern. Was this how cocks tasted normally, or was she really becoming a cock slut? She didn't want to think about it, instead focusing on showing Will a good time.

The pace slowly picked up. She wrapped her lips around the head once more, before lowering down to the base as far as she could. Only half way down, she had to retreat. "Come on, you can do better than that." Will snickered. "Once more with feeling."

His hands gripped the back of her head and helped to guide her further down. This time, she felt her throat relax as her lips moved further down, until she was at the base. Will's hands relaxed, giving Ellie control once more, but she lingered there for a moment. She was starting to feel strange. With a subtle move of her hand, she brushed against her pussy, feeling a growing wetness before accidentally hitting her clit.

A soft moan escaped her lips, as she tipped herself over the edge. Sucking Will's cock felt too good to stop now. She couldn't help but steal glances up at Will as she continued, now with a passion that was previously missing. Will looked back at her. The satisfied look on his face confirmed two things for her. Firstly, she was doing a good job, a thought that made her feel warm all over. And secondly, there would be no going back.

Strangely, it was a relief to know the curse was now permanent. If she was turned back into a man, she'd still remember feeling like a true woman, she'd still remember the pleasurable feeling of sucking her friend's cock. In truth, this was the best outcome for someone in her position.

"You're a skilled little cocksucker, Ellie." Will smirked. "How would you like to live with me? You can keep the place clean, cook dinner, and you get all the sex you could ask for."

She didn't respond, too invested in making him cum to stop now. Will's offer wasn't really a question anyway. They both knew she couldn't say no to him anymore. As she sucked his cock to completion, her hand slipped between her legs. And by the time Will was ready to cum, she was on the brink herself.

Her head fell backwards as the pleasure shot through her body, just in time for Will to shoot his load across her face, marking her for the first time. She giggled, cleaning off his cock without a second of hesitance. Then, she moved her hand to scoop the remaining cum off her face.

"Wait! I need to send a photo to the witch that cursed you." Will smiled. "Would you do the honours?"

He handed her his phone which was open on a chain of texts to a 'Miss Woods'. Ellie saw photos of her old self that were took without her knowledge, along with clear instructions of when and where to find her alone and the nature of the curse Will wanted for his friend.

It should have angered her. She should have grabbed her clothes and stormed out of there. But instead, she opened up the camera and snapped a photo of herself, sending it to the witch who cursed her. The image was seen immediately, before a message came back moments later.

Enjoy, my dear. You owe me big time for the ingredients, but I see it was definitely worth it ;)

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