7 April 2021

Overdose (Requested By Annonamyus)

I've suffered with headaches all my life. One moment, I'm calm and relaxed, then it feels like an axe is imbedded in my brain. It'd been a few weeks since my last headache and it'd given me a false sense of security. I was reading a book, then my eyes lost focus midway through a sentence.

"Fuck, not again!" I groaned, rubbing my temples in preparation for the sudden pain. Despite my preparation, and experiencing far too many headaches in the past, I still winced and groaned as the pain hit. I couldn't sit this one out. I needed my pills.

Staggering to the kitchen, I rushed to the medicine box we keep under the sink. My roommate always argued it should be in the bathroom, but I never wanted one of my headaches to coincide with one of his long showers. Just as I reached the sink, I noticed a pill jar resting on the counter top. I couldn't wait any longer. The pain was unbearable.

I grabbed the bottle and dumped some of the pills into my hand. With little thought, I tilted my head back and threw them in, barely even registering they were a different colour to my usual headache pills. They were already in my stomach when I finally glanced at the bottle and saw the label.

"X-Change?" I frowned. "Never heard of that brand before..."

Looking closer at the fine print, my confusion only grew. Warning: X Change Pink are only intended for Male usage. Transformations may include pain, nausea, sudden vertigo... Then before I could finish reading, I felt my headache worsen. It was a full blown migraine now and to make matters worse, I could feel the other side effects hit me as well.

It felt like I was shrinking, with the kitchen growing larger around me. I felt my stomach flip and stretch, making me thankful I hadn't eaten breakfast yet. Looking down at my hands, I was shocked to see they looked thinner and oddly feminine.

"What's happening to me!" I gasped, my voice shooting up an octave into a girly shriek.

My loungewear top was already pretty baggy on me, but it seemed to grow two sizes larger, while my shorts suddenly dropped down to my ankles. My scalp burned as my hair lengthened at a rapid rate. The penny was starting to drop, yet nothing prepared me for the growing bumps underneath my top. My chest was inflating with every panicked breath I took.

Finally, I felt my cock grow hard between my legs. I grabbed it instinctively, immediately noticing that while it was rock hard, it was as small as it would be if it were flaccid. And it only got smaller and smaller in my hand, until finally, I was holding nothing at all.

The front door opened, as I stood dumbfounded by my sudden gender swap. Kyle wandered through, not noticing at first, but then dropping his bag and his jaw in shock. He looked me right in the eyes, like he saw who I was immediately despite looking completely different.

"James..." He whispered. "What did you do?"

I pointed to the pill bottle beside me, too freaked out to even speak. He saw it and his eyes went wide. He grabbed his bag and rooted around, clearly realising he had left his bottle of X-Change at home by accident. He looked back at me. The wheels were turning in his head. He was all too aware of my headaches so I was sure he understood why I took the pills. But then he said something that had me worried.

"James... How many pills did you take?" He asked with panic cutting through his calm fa├žade.

I honestly wasn't sure. Thankfully, Kyle kept count of how many he had left and was quick to answer his own question. He grabbed a book from his bag and made a note of the number left, then started making calculations in his head, all the while oblivious to my concerned expression.

"Please tell me this isn't permanent..." I sighed.

"By my calculations... You'll be back to yourself in a week." He replied.

"A week!" I could hardly believe it. This was something I didn't even know possible until it happened to me first hand. "What am I supposed to do?"

"I have some toys your could borrow?" He suggested with a shrug. "Did it at least help your headache?"

In all the chaos, I didn't even notice that my headache had gone completely. As it turns out, the medical condition that gave me headaches was tied to my Y chromosome. So I was now cured of them for the entire week I spent as Jane. And with Kyle's toys at my disposal, I was considering replacing my headache pills for X-Change.


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